Scam report about Edward Johnson Spinucci


First name:  Edward
Last name:  Johnson Spinucci
Age:  48
Location:  Atlanta Ga, USA
Phone:  402-275-1337
On websites:  zoosk
Report:  Met on a dating website Zoosk. I was scammed out of $78,000. He claims to be an artist. Says he is from Derby Derbyshire England. It began with me helping him with a lawsuit. He had a painting his mother had given him and someone man was trying to claim it was his. He won his lawsut and then a man bought the painting for 9. million. He also won 6.5 from the lawsuit then when he was in the hospital he had no access to his money. He said he did not have a debit card to his checking account. He was broke sue to this lawsuit. He was coming to see me and was in a bad car accident ( supposedly). He had taken out $30,000 in cash a majority was to pay me back and when he was run off the rode by men who saw him leave the bank the stole his money. He would not let me go to the hospital nor would tell me which one or give me the room number so I could call. His phone he said was not working for calls as the speaker was damaged. He had to go to another hospital in another state to see a neurosurgeon to remove glass from his head from the accident. He needed money to fly there and then once there needed money or the doctors would not perform the surgery. He met a very wealthy man while in the hospital who I verified was real. Said man flew him on his private plane to Aberystwyth, Wales. He said he had no idea that was happening and ended up there to his surprise. There is way to much to tell but I gave him more money to do paintings for this man who flew him there to do work for him. He was supposed to finally come home and then the mans private plane had an oil leak. That was fixed days later the pilot was sick. Then days later the pilot dies. Keep in mind this is all supposedly. Finally the day he's leaving he went to say goodbye to some women he had met at a gallery and fell down the stairs and broke his leg. .Spent another month in the hospital more money from me. he gets out of hospital and with money he was paid to do a painting while laid up in bed, he went to send me money to pay me back and was robbed and stabbed. He then ended up staying with that supposed woman for 6 weeks. Now supposed woman is in hospital dying of cancer and prior to this I would not hear from him for a couple said at a time because she was taking his computer from him as she was supposed to be jealous of me and wanted him to herself. This woman owed him thousands for a portrait he supposedly did for hefr and now she would not pay him. She was supposed to have transferred money to my account weeks ago never did. Finally he says he convinced her and she sent a check and the tracting number said it got to the post office 30 miles from where I live and never proceeded. Then he felt he could finally leave but needed money for a plain ticket and also extra money for art he bought that he wanted for his art gallery he would have here where I live. He states his plane was delayed and then finally was at the stopover and now says that there were gunshots and they put them up I a hotel. He wats to leave now and wants more money. I am broke I have none left. He says to give him a little time and can I take out a loan. I am now here reporting him and he is supposedly still waiting to fly home as I type this.. His flight was supposed to have left 32 hours . There are many many things I have left out but this is the quick of it all. Lastly we meet on Zoosk and he messaged me. I used to block everyone who messaged me and was about to cancel the service as it was running out and I was no longer interested in using it. I never answered any messages and for some reason I chose to answer his. He said he met a woman named Mary while living in Derby England where he is from. He was at an art gallery doing an exhibition. they dated for 2 months and she had to come back to the states. Long story short she got him a green card and he moved here. She died in a car accident over 3 years ago. He says he was living in Atlanta at 1205 Metropolitan Ave SE, Atlanta Ga. He says both his parents were orphans. His mother was French his father was from Spain. He was born in England but lived out of the country mostly when he was little then went back to England. I have heard him speak and he does not have a British accent. I convinced myself it was because of growing up with is parents accents and not growing up in England. This has been going on for 5 months now. I tried searching everything I could on him paid websites to dig up dirt but could find nothing and reverse images searches on his pictures provided nothing either. I have many photos to post on here if that is an option for me. I am so ashamed to be writing this as I am a smart woman and do not understand how I let this happen, No one know but me and one of my girlfriends that I finally had to break down and tell because of the stress over it all. He has taken all my money 401k's and had me take out 2 loans and even pawn the title to my car.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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