Scam report about Neil Harrison


First name:  Neil
Last name:  Harrison
Age:  60
Location:  Jakarta, Indonesia; Tokyo, Japan; New Lothrop, MI, USA
Phone:  (989) 375-6692
On websites:  Ourtime
Report:  I met Neil on Ourtime in January 2019. His profile said he was widowed and had a 14 year old son and was from New Lothrop, Michigan. We exchanged 2 or 3 messages there when he asked for my email address. I agreed and we began corresponding through emails. He said he was in Indonesia working on a project which was finishing up and he would be coming back to the States with his son. He said his wife had passed away 4 years prior from lung cancer and he had been in Indonesia for 2 years. He had taken his son with him. He claimed to be the owner and CEO of a mechanical contracting company called Uniq Build Construction that his father had started and he took over when his father, who was American, passed away in 1993, with the main office in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He said his mother was Australian, had been orphaned and raised in Indonesia and had moved back to Indonesia when his father passed away. He claims he was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana and graduated from the University of New Orleans at LA with a degree in Human Resources. He also said he's a professionally trained chef. The first request for money came after an accident took place on the oil rig where an employee had been fatally wounded and 3 others were injured. They were raising money for the family of the deceased who left behind a widow and 7 children. I balked at this and refused accusing him of being a scammer. He was very hurt that I would say this and manipulated me into feeling guilty so I agreed to send what I could. He instructed me to download an app called Coinbase to my phone. Using this app I could link my bank account to send money using Bitcoin (cryptocurrency). I had intended on sending only $50 but accidentally sent $100 due to my ignorance at using the app. Soon after he was preparing to return to the US. As he was about to board the plane he was told he needed a copy of the physical that he had done to prove he's fit to fly and leave Indonesia. At this time he asked for more money to pay the hospital bill to get a copy of the report and I sent $1500. His reason for asking for money was that his reserve funds had been used to cover the damages and make necessary repairs after the accident. He was unable to access his bank account because of a security restriction he had placed on it in 2012 when someone hacked his account and stole over $500,000. The only way to gain access to his account was in person at his branch office in the US. He was able to get the report and went to the airport but missed his flight and he needed to reschedule for a fee. Again, I sent money, approximately $500 using Bitcoin. He rescheduled the flight and was preparing to return. This time as he was preparing to board he was stopped again and told he needed to pay the tax on the income from the project they had completed. A few days later he sent a message that something was wrong with David. He wasn't talking to anyone, had been sleeping for 12 hours and he wouldn't wake up so they rushed him to the hospital where he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. As a health care professional and having Type 2 diabetes I started asking questions pertaining to his condition. Neil's answers were appropriate. At this time, he needed to reschedule their flight and needed money for the fee so I sent enough to cover the fee. This time when they got to the airport they were stopped from boarding due to David's condition and Neil was told he needed $5000 cash with him in case David needed medical care at their layover in Tokyo. I borrowed money from a relative and a coworker ($300) to help him. They make it to Tokyo and now they're stranded at the airport and again he's detained because he hasn't paid the tax on his income from the job. I sent money again so they could eat. I was most concerned about his diabetic son being able to manage his disease. At this time I started researching trying to find ways to help them at least be able to leave the airport as I was running out of people to ask for loans and I had sent more money and was having difficulty paying my bills. The suggestions I made based on the information I had found were dismissed when I mentioned it to him. When I had no more friends or relatives to I resorted to getting 3 - 4 payday advance loans totalling approximately $2000. I estimate I've sent $20,000 - $25,000 to him. He says he had asked many of his business associates to help and was denied. He finally heard from a friend, Mark Baldwin, who was working in Morocco, who agreed to help him. Mark was to add me to his bank account and would send checks for me to cash and send to Neil. I was instructed to deposit a check for $35,400 to one of my accounts and one for $10,000 to my other account. The first check cleared then it was returned as fictitious/altered. The second check cleared, I withdrew $8000 cash to send to using Bitexpress. The transaction was flagged for review and I didn't understand why. The next day I got an email from my credit union saying the check had been altered and my account was restricted. I was on vacation and had a payday shortly before I was to come home but now had no money due to the restriction. My credit union was going to hold my checks until the $8000 is paid back. I've been in contact with Bitexpress during this whole ordeal and I'm told I will get the $8000 refunded after I give them all the correspondence (emails, text messages) and file a police report. I asked many questions, made phone calls to verify what he was telling me, and asked for proof. He sent a copy of the lab results from the hospital, his and his son's boarding passes, the death certificate of the one who died in the accident. He sent a copy of his business license for the company as well as his passport picture and the check issued by the government of Indonesia to pay him for completion of the project. I checked out the company website and Googled his name to verify what he was telling me. I did my best to check everything he was telling me. There were several inconsistencies and I questioned him every time but he always had what appeared to be a valid answer. In spite of his professions of love and vice versa I couldn't bring myself to trust him 100%. My friends and my family warned me. I saw the warning signs and chose to ignore them. My son's girlfriend found him on this site and his supposed closed Facebook account.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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