Scam report about David Keith Pack


First name:  David Keith
Last name:  Pack
Aka:  David Keith Pack
Age:  52
Location:  Virgina, Florida
Address:  222 Tyler Ave Newport News, VA 23601
Phone:  407-217-9594
On websites:
Report:  I met a David Keith Pack on a website called Seeking Arrangements. He told me he would give me $700/week just to be there for him and care for him. I agreed knowing that it was too good to be true but I played along. He told me to text him and then asked me to delete my Seeking Arrangements profile. He immediately asked me what my limit was on my credit card so he could pay off my balance. He asked for my banking information I said no. He then said ok he will get me in contact with his financial adviser, Paul Harvey. I contact Pual Harvery and he gave me David's account and routing number so I could make payments on my credit card. The payments went through and they were processed successfully. After each payment David asked me to help him get gifts for his son. I agreed and went to the stores he asked me to go to. I went to the Apple Store and spent over $2,0000 worth of Apple products. The next day he told me to get $1000 worth of gift cards. The day after that he told me to get more gift cards. I told him no I don't feel comfortable swiping my card anymore and then the next day all the payments he made on my credit card were returned. He scammed me out of a total of $3,500. Good thing is he didn't get anymore from me. Please beware of this guy. He's smart and sounds convincing. He will give you a picture of his ID to make it seem more believable.He will say he's an engineer working for the Air Force. He will also send some convincing pictures trying to show that it's real. Please be careful everyone. Don't let this guy get away with this. He should be in jail!

Status of report:  is still without proof

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