Scam report about Joey Reese


First name:  Joey
Last name:  Reese
Aka:  James Jones; Kondo Precious
Age:  30
Location:  Bgram Base, Afghanistan; Aflao, Ghana
Address:  P.O. BOX 144
Phone:  0559778557
On websites:  Grindr, Instagram
Report:  The scammer wrote me on the gay app Grindr. At least, he said he is in Florida, then he revealed that he is a deployed US Air Force personnel currently in Afghanistan. We chatted for around a week, he told me many things about himself (all lies/untrue now I realise...), about how his parents and only sister all died. Then he said he is all alone and looking to find a lifelong partner after he finishes his tour of duty. One day, he sent me a picture of a broken phone, and claimed that he broke it while on patrol. He asked if I could send him a phone and some clothes (toothbrush, candy etc). He said that the package could be sent to a retired diplomat called James Jones, and gave me an email to write to him. James Jones just happened to be in Ghana, of all places in the world, delivering care packages... Of course, it is all a scam. And what is worse is that they are playing on the vulnerabilities and sympathies of service personnel who are serving their country, who may really need care and support. These kind of people are real criminals, and hope karma comes to bite them.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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