Scam report about Benjamin Wang


First name:  Benjamin
Last name:  Wang
Age:  43
Location:  Manchester UK
Phone:  447537129382
On websites:  Coffee meet bagels
Report:  He claimed that he is a contractor who just got hired to work in macau and is working in 3 projects at the same time so he is very busy. He said he was born in hk and was moved to Manchester before 2 yrs old. His mom is sick so he has to fly back to the UK to make sure she is ok. It was so weird as he said his mum has high blood pressure which leads to her coma and till now seems like she has been in the hospital for almost a month. I didn?t know high blood pressure can triggers coma Is obvious that he has never been to macau coz he always asked me how I get to work and is it by bus or train, macau doesn?t have train ... Also is weird how he never goes out with his friends and he just said coz all his friends are busy and all. I have been living in the UK for quite a while too so I really can?t feel that he types with an UK accent, esp when he wrote ?mom? instead of ?mum?. And UK people doesn?t say ?dear? all the time, we say sweet heart and darling instead. He did keep saying he is looking for a serious relationship and all... but when I said I fee insecure and can?t feel that he is real, he got pissed and angry on me saying it Oh also, he always take photos of his face and his dog only, hardly share any photos of him doing things or his surroundings. And he always disappears between 11am - 7pm uk time, maybe he is pretending working, haha.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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