Scam report about Jason Philips


First name:  Jason
Last name:  Philips
Aka:  Kumar Govil
Age:  60
Location:  Toronto, Ontario
Address:  Apt 2912, 2 Fleldway Rd
Phone:  1-647-608-0962
On websites:  Our Time
Report:  Contacted me on Our Time....immediately wanted to text. Right away was giving me compliments, calling me beautiful, baby ect. Told me his wife passed away 5 years ago from cancer and told me all about it in detail. Told me he has a son who is 16 that lives with his grandfather in Belgium because he is following a soccer career. Told me he would travel across the ocean to be with me as it was time for him to move on after his wifes death. Business man who is making one final purchase in San Fransisco then retiring. Owns his own business, buys and sells farm equipment ect. Sends me his itinerary from Air Canada. Return ticket is to come and see me and has me book at place for him to stay while here to meet me. Has a cheque sent to me from a business in Ontario that owes him money because he doesn't want this cheque sitting in his post box while he is away. I geet the cheque by registered mail. Tells me the duty on his purchase is more than what he had anticipated and asks me for $5000.00. That's when the red flag went up!!!!! When I question him on it he turns it all around and makes me feel guilty. I do my own investigating and find out the cheque that is written for over $150000.00 is a fraud, his passport and DL are fraudulent

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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