Scam report about James Rozzo


First name:  James
Last name:  Rozzo
Aka:  Gregory Rozzo
Age:  59
Location:  Atlantic Iowa
Phone:  5415957588
On websites:  Twitter, Facebook, Skype, E-harmony
Report:  James contacted me on a dating site, e-harmony, said he was a widower, and in the military, we started talking on the dating site and then he wanted to move to texting on the phone, I asked why we could not start talking, and he said because of his military status. I looked him up on facebook, after we started to get more serious and we had shared pics. His last name came up with the same photo he had sent me but under Greg Rozzo, there were four other facebook accounts under the name Greg Rozzo all of the same person and the same picture he had sent me. I sent him a text telling him what I had found and he insisted that he was never on facebook and told me a story about a general who was out to get him and that he was behind it. I really wanted to believe him so continued the relationship. I went back to the e-harmony site and he had been deleted from the site and all they would say was he was in violation of their contract. When I confronted him about that, he stated that he was on a promotion and they wanted to bill him for a month and he refused because he had met me. So after a couple of weeks, he said he had gotten orders to go to Afghanistan and that the only way we could have contact was through Skype, I set up a skype account and within 24 hours he contacted me on skype, we talked back and forth for a few days and he said that he was truly falling in love with me, I shared with him that I felt the same, he said he was only going to be there about two weeks, well the two weeks were going to end on or about the 18th of March, he asked me if I would send him a care package of some socks, underwear, sunglasses and an airpod. I was very suspicious because airpods are very expensive. I figured I would sent him socks and underwear, but tell him I could not get he airpod until after he was due home. I did send the socks and underwear to an address he had given me, and he seemed not upset by no airpod, so I started doubting myself again. we talked back and forth a few more times, and then he said that his mission had been extended due to Taliban activity, but that I could help him by getting him a leave replacement. He said almost verbatim what your website says about the military leave scam. I copied the post from your web site about the scam and sent it to him, he was angry and said he thought that I felt like he did and how could I doubt him. He wanted to know where I got that info and I told him. He kept saying it was not a lie and how could I do this to him, blah, blah, blah, he said if I did not hear from him again it was because he would not be on this earth. I sent him back an e-mail saying prove to me you are not lying. I said you have my e-mail, my phone number and my address, I had given him my address and he sent me flowers. Nice touch. Anyway he ended the conversation I have not spoken to him since.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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