Scam report about Michael Cunningham


First name:  Michael
Last name:  Cunningham
Aka:  Michael A Harris
Age:  45
Location:  Chiliwhack BC
On websites:
Report:  Hi there , I was contacted by a woman in fb 2 days ago asking if I was the Kerry from this website. She has been strung along by a gent and was feeling that things just weren't right. I wrote her back on fb and we talked on the phone. It is DEFINITELY, 100% the same scammer that I ran into, who i reported to you. His name for me was Michael A Harris...for this lady he used the name Michael Cunningham...same Back story of moving from England, now in BC, involved in real Estate and doing work in Africa. This scammer is using different photos with her, but, again, same person! I first found evidence on a German scammers site and this lady found me on here.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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