Scam report about Dale Martenson


First name:  Dale
Last name:  Martenson
Aka:  Chris Jerome
Age:  55
Location:  Durant, Oklahoma
On websites:  facebook, hangouts
Report:  This guy, Chris Jerome said his security box in Delta Security Comany is folding down and ask him come for claims of the properties. Because the company will be transferred to the government vault when the company is close down. So Mr. Jerome stands a chance to loose everything. The security company ask Mr. Jerome has to pay the sum of 6200$ to clear it and the demurrage fee. Because Mr. Jerome is on the cargo ship right now. He said he has no way to pay for the fee. Therefore, he borrowed 6200us dollars from me. And ask me to transfer money to a specfic account. After i done tranferring, he said Delta Secrity Company will assign a diplomat to deliver the box to me. However, because i don?t live in USA, The Diplomat (named Allen Brown )went to airport and in the airport and send the box into scanning machine at the the Airport Custom station, found out it is money and gold inside the box and Mr, Brown wrote to me as follows: ?Hello Mrs Tracy how are you doing; i want to let you know that am in San Francisco International Airport- SFA and i need to obtain a Non Inspection Clearance Document that will cover the consignments box to avoid examination on it before i will clear the box and proceed to Taiwan to deliver it. And the custom yellow tag, So without it i will not be able to leave the airport. Note that the official cost of obtaining the Non-Inspection Clearance Document and the yellow tag is $10,350. ten thousand three hundred and fifty dollars. once the payment is made i will proceed to Taiwan and deliver your box Yours Sincerely Diplomat Brown?_?????????????????-Lately, i received a letter from Mr. Brown again, saying that if i don?t pay 10350 us dolloars, the custom department have decided to move your box to the money laundering department since i and Mr Jerome are not ready to come up with the 10,350 USD. However, I think if Mr. Brown want me pay for the fee, he should show me the official documents from Airport Customs. and tranfer money to official account. But he said ?i want you to know that before i get the document the money will be pay then they will give me the document and the receipt of the yellow tag and i will forward it to you before i leave to your place?. So Please help me to identify this issue and i need you your help promptly. Thanks! A person mailed me who declared he, named Mark Milley is an officer from money laundering department at San Francisco?s Airport . He is using unofficial email address to send mail saying an issue regarding to money laundering. His email is I think he is computer fraud. Please check his status , Thanks!

Status of report:  is still without proof

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