Scam report about David Mark


First name:  David
Last name:  Mark
Aka:  Dwight Wilson
Age:  50
Location:  Sacramento, CA; Syria
Report:  David Mark is a surgeon in Syria, under contract with the UN for a peacekeeping mission. His wife died five years ago of leukemia, and he has a son 16. He is originally from Sacramento, California. We talked briefly in the Twitter DM to introduce ourselves before going to Google Hangout. In Hangout, he asked all about me, and finally he decided that he might have found the one he could fall in love with. He said he fell asleep late one night while we were talking, and the next night I mentioned I bet he was tired. If he were with me, I'd give him a back rub so he could relax and go to sleep. We agreed to meet again the following morning at 7 a.m. My time, and he was there shortly after, which was both a surprise and a relief, as I am actually retired and never get up that early! We chatted a while, and he asked me to do him a big favor. He wanted $200 in iTunes cards. I asked about them, and he finally asked me if I could get $500, when he thought it would not hurt me financially. I just hated it when that happened, because he did not talk trash. He did not try to ?get me into bed to talk sex.? He was really a very nice guy, for him to turn out to be a scammer. Oh, well. What's new?

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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