Scam report about Williams Beukes Peterson


First name:  Williams
Last name:  Beukes Peterson
Age:  56
Location:  Cape Town
Phone:  0836992027
On websites:  Tinder
Report:  This man becomes close to women very quickly and acts fast by calling them his queen, baby and honey. His claims to be divorced and gives a very sad story that his ex wife claimed half of his money during the divorce and he caught in bed with her school friend. He claims that he is a n engineer in the cable industry and has a contract with MTN. Within 2 weeks he obtains a contract and flying to South Africa in Cape Town. His goods are flying the next day and that?s when his problems start. He then makes it your problem as he asks you for money. When a woman declines his plea he then claims that he has no money to buy food. I am lucky that I haven?t given him any money.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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