Scam report about John Reader Kelly


First name:  John Reader
Last name:  Kelly
Age:  57
Location:  Houston Texas, California
Phone:  832-521-6218. 615-843-2013. 775-209-1369
On websites:  Instagram
Report:  Contact by instagram, we began to textiar, fell in love with me like two weeks of talking, I followed the game, convinced that he was scammer, is a mechanical engineer, can not use the camera phone, works for a company in the ocean in California, he asked me to buy him a tunes card because he does not have internet in the boat where he is and what makes me believe that he is scammer is the marked ac that he has, supposedly is American, which I do not believe. He have two daughters named Trina and Tracy, neither of them uses any social media, work for a company called Malcolm drilling Company and he is cantract in Hillcrest Beverly Oil Corp. he is not a permanent staff, he is there for a contract based on their broken machines and also their drilling tools.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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