Scam report about Robert Hunter


First name:  Robert
Last name:  Hunter
Aka:  Clive, Garygary01, Sebastien, Thomas Jay
Age:  44
Location:  Russia, Munich, Austin Texas, Orlando, Orange, Florida, Chicago
Phone:  0079057681423
On websites:,,
Report:  1. I sent him a smiley but without writing anything. He wrote some time later to me. 2. Zweisam 3. From around mid September 2018 with an interruption of 13 days and then until the end of November 4. His lie fairy tales got more and more unbelieveble and after each payment of mine new emergencies occured which required payment again. 5. Money was requested for finding a deputy of him. He claimed to work as an pipeline engineer in Russia and was only able to come home if someone would jump in for him. Due to some emergencies at work and a thin streched budget and a restriction with his bank he was running out of money. A friend of him sent not enough money due to an emergency and so he needed it from someone else. After that he told me the engineer would like to have more. The day he should have come (I got his flight itinerary) a bad accident happend on the site. Then he wanted to have money for the families. Because one worker died and the other one was injured seriously. The fairy tale ended with a hearing of the police and his arrest. Before he let me know, that he the lawyer he had talked to wanted to have 4.500. 6. The name of the person who required the money was Robert Thomas Hunter. This is a faked name of his faked passport. I paid four times. In total ? 4.750. 7. I received two emails from his driver and translator in which he informed me about his arrest and that they were trying to raise the money for a lawyer. At last I got an email of a lawyer who let me know that they were working on his release on bail. Last week I reported to the police.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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