Scam report about Steven Patton


First name:  Steven
Last name:  Patton
Age:  58
Location:  Dubai and California and Paris
Address:  356N Alfred St, LA California, 90048
On websites:,
Report:  I have already reported he ripped off my money. In the end he brought two people who were called his lawyers, and he told me to open a new account in the bank where he has the account. So that he can pay money back easily, transfer the fund from his account to my account, and from my account I can transfer money to my account in Japan. But, the bank tells me to pay initial deposit of $30,000 to $40,000 otherwise the account is not going to be active. He has already stolen my money, about $40,000 and he still tries to steal more money. There is not letters, or e-mails because I have communicating with him on LINE. The conversation is recorded in the text. He showed me the false bank account,, and, and, And the lawyers, Michael Lucas and Susan Patrick are from Bereliani Law Firm. Usually the letters from these lawyers starting from Madam which is a bit strange way of starting for business mail. The main person who were chatting with me was really good at manipulating and driving me to what he wants.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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