Scam report about Gabriela Becceri


First name:  Gabriela
Last name:  Becceri
Age:  60s
Location:  Cathedral City
On websites:  831-288-6135
Report:  We met on POF, texting and emailing. His writings seeemed scripted: Long and overly romantic. We had been corresponding and phoning for a month. He had a strong accent, which he said that he gained from living in Surinam, although he was Italian. His ?uncle? supposedly came down with cancer at the same time that Gabriel had expenses involved with his trade as an ANTIQUES DEALER. I had been suspicious right from the beginning, so was not surprised when he adked me fir money to help his uncle. Of course, I said no. Handsome guy, talks about his grown dayghter and son.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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