Scam report about Brian Wilson


First name:  Brian
Last name:  Wilson
Aka:  Robert Armstrong
Age:  62yrs. Supposedly just had Birthday June 29,2018
Location:  USA. Jacksonville,Florida
Address:  5051 or 5150 Yacht Club Road Jacksonville, Florida
On websites:  Plenty Of Fish
Report:  This scammer followed the same scenario with me as he has with a reporter named Jamie USA from February 2013! Some of the places were different and the time frames were as well but other than that it was exactly the same! He is very smooth. Reels you in quickly. You fall quickly. He said we could meet for his birthday on June 29,2018. Then all of a sudden he had to leave the country for a business trip for his job. It was just 24 hours before our supposed date. After a few days he finally contacted me and told me his trip was not as good as he had hoped. When he arrived at the Sheraton in Albania he tried to plug in his computer and phone to charge them and they blew up due to different current issues. A man who travels outside of the country should know to carry an adapter for such things! He asked if I could help him to get a computer. When I told home I had no money he said to let him know how much to wire and he would send it to me. After a few days of no contact he contacted me and asked if I had done what he had asked. When I told him that I was waiting for word from him he got very upset with me. He told me I let him down. I not Even suspecting such a scam continued to beg for forgiveness! Then while reading the mail I cam across your website and thought hmmm let me just look. Low and behold! His picture showed up! Then he had the nerve to try to contact me via email!

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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