Scam report about Stephen Rojas


First name:  Stephen
Last name:  Rojas
Aka:  Nolan Rojas
Age:  50
Location:  Los Angeles, CA
Phone:  tel:1-818-738-9483
On websites:  Instagram and Facebook
Report:  He initiated contact with me December 2017 Claims to be single father of Lisa (he refers to her as mouse and she calls him lollipop) after cheating wife died of lung cancer. He unselfishly stayed with her even though she was having an affair, because she was mother of his daughter and he was all she had. Both parents deceased. Claims to live in Los Angeles as a construction project engineer and is self employed. Claimed to have horses. Spent a lot of time on Instagram with me, hours at a time. Exchanged phone numbers. He would call and text but always had service issues. Always called me baby and wanted me to be his wife. Referring to me as Mrs. Rojas. Asked for ITunes cards for his daughter. Claimed he couldn?t get one for her due to fires in CA; continued to ask for these. I asked for a recording of his daughter since she was asking about me. Her voice sounded like a voice over app was used. Because he claimed to speak Spanish, I asked for a voicemail in Spanish but didn?t sound fluid and took him a long time to do it. His phone started having issues, couldn?t take anymore pictures. Always sent poems copied from websites and very sexually explicit conversations along with two explicit photos. In January 2018, his house was affected by fire. Lost everything. Couldn?t stand to take pictures to show me because he was so devastated. Lost all documents including ID. Insurance company giving him problems with claim due to deceased wife. Had no money to get a place to stay. Originally asked for $10,000 but would settle for $200. No friends could help him and he couldn?t get money from his business or partners. Asked that money be sent Western Union or through MoneyGram at Walmart. Settled for a money order. Requesting in the beginning that money be sent to a friend, Darlene Deiser 3042 E HWY 18 Beverly Kansas 67423 which I refused. Also Starr Bronson. Money Order request was to be send to a friends daughter who was helping him out, a Marilyn Rose York 6449 Arrowhead Drive San Diego, CA 92119. After this, he asked for me to get a reloadable credit card so he would be able to put his money for his business project in there because ?he didn?t want to have problems when the time for the project comes with money and stuff so it better off in there.There are certain things I cant do without my ID card and some documents.Here in California it very hard to get Credit cards without such thingsI am the one who is going to be loading the money onto the card. You are not going to Mail it anywhere baby,the card will be in your possession then you will send me the details then i will load the money in it and you will cash it out and send it to me?. When I refused, I have not heard from him again.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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