Scam report about Larry Scott


First name:  Larry
Last name:  Scott
Aka:  stilllarry
Age:  49
On websites:  INSTAGRAM- stillarry567,facebook messanger
Report:  This Larry Scott wrote me on instagram first time few days before Christmas and sent me friendship request,he uses it profile picture from very successful bussines man from Baton Rouge,Louisiana.So this Larry also sent me so many pictures from Brians facebook profile and he told me that he just hide with his name because so many time was used tgrough media.He also knows everything about real Brian,all abouth his life and everithing about Brian's son Harrison.He told me that he needs some money for one contract regarding some antiques,he said to me that somethimes sell and buy also that kind of things,He want from me 200 eur and I sent him throuhg Western union but not to his name,I sent money to this older lady with name Olivia Ojeda from Texas.He also try to hide from me how old is and he doesn't realy know how old is son,so I try to go in contact with real Brian Low and find out that he must be 42 not 49 as he always told me.So I was shore that this Larry just lie to me all the time. I ask him few times that I want see his face through face time call,but he always said to me that his front camera is broken.I was shore that this is also scammer,but I think he is from Nigeria also and he is some black man.So I blocked him from Instagram and from meesanger through facebook side.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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