Scam report about Tom Everett


First name:  Tom
Last name:  Everett
Aka:  Thomas Anderson everett
Age:  50
Location:  Denver, Colorado
Phone:  720-642-3967..765-780-7453
On websites:
Report:  This man's profile was on marriagemindedpeoplemeet and he hit on me and when I went back to his profile it had been removed from site per the site. He used Fayetteville, NC as location but then told me he was on business there but was from Denver, Colorado. He claims to have a son, Joseph that attends lamen Manhattan prep school but he asked for $4000 to get a contract signed. He claims to be an independent contractor for timber and iron...after several attempts for $4000 he dropped it down to $2300 and when I wouldn't give in with the money he would turn it around to fact I didn't trust him!! When I declined last time he never responded. Claims to be a widower of 3 years but I couldn't find records of such, said his late wife was named lisa. When I did some checking on number reversals he's actually in Ohio!!!

Status of report:  is still without proof

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