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First name:  Louis
Last name:  Ferguson
Age:  30.10.1969
Location:  Los Angeles
Phone:  +12675278813
On websites:  Linkedin
Report:  Good Morning to you pretty ...., How are you doing today? I really like you I really want us to be friends, what is your favorite color in cloth and do you like flowers? I really need to know the things that makes you feel alright as a person when you do them. I will tell you more about myself, but first thank you for taking out your precious time writing me all that wonderful messages yesterday. I graduated from the University of Portugal. I'm very passionate, stable. I'm well read, intelligent and have common sense, English is not my first language, because soon when we speak you may notice I have an accent as I have spent more time in Portugal. More about my profession, I am a pipeline engineer by profession. I service oil vessels, drilling materials, maintenance, pipes and supply chemicals used in oil rig heavy duty machines. I also deal on oil pipeline laying. Suffice it to say that I specialize in petroleum activities. I most times negotiate and interface between clients and bigger multi-national companies that in turn sublet some contracts to me. I am satisfied with what I do. I Love to Travel for fun but haven't really had the time to travel base on that since I am single because it can be fun going such places being couple, I have been to many parts of America, Brazil - Mexico, Puerto Rico, Peru, and more. I've been to Europe a couple of times, basically U.K for either a contract, seminar or vacation. I've been to St. Gallen in Switzerland, Paris once, spent about 3 weeks, and then I've been to Italy twice on a vacation. I get most of my contracts here in the states. I usually travel for contract, seminar or vacation. I love the museums, art galleries and the beaches. If am to go on a vacation again I will love to go to Zurich ? Switzerland, France, Netherlands or Iceland. My passions include reading inspirational books and clever mysteries, the most touching book that I have ever read is the one by John Manson, really inspirational, would push you from where you are to where you should be. I like reading novels when I get the chance to, I like John Gresham, James Patterson, Sydney Sheldon, Sandra Brown and some others I can?t quite recall the authors name. On Music, Am into sentimental rock, classical, slow jams, love songs, country and some jazz. I Love singers like Evanescence, Linking park, Dido and Enya too. Favorite composer would be John Fredrick Handle, although am really not into operas. Am an art lover too, I don't like to be the center of Attraction, I love to lay low, I Am a movie lover, I love the cinemas, Am the comedy type, I also watch some actions packed thriller, adventures and some decent Erotica. My favorite actor is Brad Pitt (Boy Sexy). I love to cook and love different dishes that are quite spicy and tasty. Concerning my Religion, I may not meet up with being in the church every Sunday as much as I would?ve loved, but believe me dear I live my life uprightly, my spiritual life is so strong that I never give myself all the credits when I succeed in life, when I win, when I am saved from the things that could hurt me, it is not by mine own wisdom nor might, I always do give God all the credits and when I pray I could go on with my life knowing there is a God I just talked to and He would make everything work out just the way I wanted, and even when it doesn't work out I would believe He is working out something good and better for me so no need of doubts or worry. Here is my birth history: I am born American, born in L.A but I grew up in Portugal, I was adopted by my late mom in Lisbon Portugal, who was American woman but lived in Portugal with her husband. I go by her father's name Ferguson, who is also late. Her husband divorced her because she could not give him a child, which was the reason she adopted me, we were really close prior to her death and it was a sad event when I lost her. Her husband and I do not have good relationship because I do not like his kind of man, not be able to be there for his woman in spite of all odds. I believe a man and a woman should be together despite all odds, cause the more united they are the stronger they become. I never knew who my real parents were but she sure treated me more than a mother would even treat a child. Her husband and I don't get along at all because of his insane characters. I only have my daughter Faith and me. I spent most of my life with Mr. Ferguson who is a great mentor to me. OK, a little about my culture: Portugal is located in the Southwestern Europe, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean, west of Spain, capital is Lisbon. About 95% of us including myself are Roman Catholic, our language is Portuguese, a Romance language which derived from Vulgar Latin. Galician and Miranda do Douro, which are technically classed as separate languages, are spoken by a few thousand people in the north of the country, along the Spanish border. In Portugal, the family is the foundation of the social structure and forms the basis of stability and the extended family is quite close to the others. We are people who retain a sense of formality when dealing with each other, which is displayed in the form of extreme politeness. The individual derives a social network and assistance from the family. If you are invited to a Portuguese home for dinner, it would be nice of you to bring flowers, good quality candy to the hostess. Loyalty to the family comes before other social relationships, even business. In Portugal, society appearance is very important, especially in the cities, we have respect for women and we put them first as we are not ignorant of the fact that they are he weaker sex and they need the protection and the care hand of not just a man but a good man... I wish to go on and on but there are so much to say to you that I will like us to discuss when we meet. Portugal has it all. It is culturally very rich. Monasteries, castles, forts and much more make it a dream country to visit. Sailing on the Douro River you will have a beautiful view of the vineyards and more. It is worth taking some time to visit, a beautiful city where people are very friendly people, the food is amazing, great beaches, amazing weather. You are free to write to me any time and ask me anything you need to know about me and my profession... I want you to tell me about yourself because I'd like to know more about you too? Like your age? What's your favorite Sport? Where's your favorite vacation spot? More smiling, less worrying, keep smiling. Have a blessed day. I look forward to hearing from you. Best regards. Louis Ferguson.

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