Scam report about Tom Henrick


First name:  Tom
Last name:  Henrick
Age:  48
Location:  New York,
Phone:  +1315-325-2402
Email:  Messenger
On websites:  Unknown
Report:  This man Tom Henrick said he saw me on Messenger when he was trying to find a friend.He started chatting with me on Messenger for a day and a half.He said he is a ship cargo engineer entities to Itsly but his address is in Baltimore,New York.In a day and a half he ask if I could do a favour for him,I played along and ask him what about.He said he has an account in Ghana and he got a message from that bank that it will be close so he needs to take the money out but he wants me to send $1,000 to a guy named Mike Egharevba in Ghana city of ACCRA.The cell phone of this guy is +1-233-241-597055. He asked me when Can I send the $1.000 via Western Union and he will send me 30% of the total amount that he will receive from the bank in Ghana.I told him I will talk to my Fiancee and then report you and will block you now.He was begging ?No ,No.He said he is Mexican but his picture on Messenger he looks like Russian.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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