Scam report about Luke Chambers


First name:  Luke
Last name:  Chambers
Age:  January 13, 1956
Location:  Indiana USA, Keswick ON. Canada, Wellington NZ, Madrid Spain, Vancouver Canada
Phone:  (705) 300-1615; 260-407-1042
Report:  I was contacted by a woman on and introduced to the person who I am reporting. Her name is Marie, her name on is Skyfall and she says she is in Edmonton, Alberta. I contacted him using the e-mail address that the woman gave me. I was first contacted on November 27, 2017 and the last contact was December 14, 2017. The odd thing in the correspondence was that some e-mails said he was in Vancouver, then the next in New York. He sent an e-mail that when I copied and pasted into google sent me to this site. In the end he said that all his technology was robbed in an airport in Spain and he asked for $4000.00 to be transferred to an account in Dallas so that he could replace his technology and stay in touch with me. I did not send any money and he stopped writing and phoning me after that.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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