Scam report about Eric Ekiert Josh


First name:  Eric
Last name:  Ekiert Josh
Aka:  josh eric
Age:  44
Location:  Mississippi city, MS. Was in Afghanastan and went to Syria.
Email:  joshekiert64@gmail,com
On websites:  Was on Facebook and then we were on hangout chatting.
Report:  We had chatted for 7 weeks. We got to know each other until the scam happen. Josh had sent a box to my place that had his DD214 paperwork so he couldn't get home without it. Said he needed $1200 more to ship the box. Then the box got stuck in Turkey and needed $6800 more. I did research and found the veteran who had his identity stolen. I sent him a message because his Facebook account had all the same pictures. He said this happens every couple months. He had two other names that the scammers use. Jensen Ekiert and Alexandra West Ekiert. How do I get pictures of the army veteran so we can stop this from happening? I have a lot of pictures.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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