Scam report about James Morgan


First name:  James
Last name:  Morgan
Aka:  Christopher smith
Age:  51
Location:  Lives in Statan Island and is in Syria
On websites:  Facebook
Report:  I had just been scammed have just reported another guy yesterday. I signed up on this website a couple days ago and am so glad I did. I want to catch these scammers in the act. I just started talking with this coward who hides behind the Internet. When these loosers think it is ok to be man enough to say they are in the military and steal people's identity or money, they need to be stopped. And we can all come together and stop these scamming loosers. Supposedly is a general 4 star. There isn't a general who is going to chat on this and scam people. This person knows nothing about our military. He may learn something about our justice system is he doesn't stop. He hasn't asked for any money yet but I am waiting. I may ask him for money?? He is a general star 4 and has way more money than me.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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