Scam report about Charles Benson


First name:  Charles
Last name:  Benson
Age:  56
Location:  Kabul Afganhastan
On websites:  Face book
Report:  First he send me lovely emails about how he had fallen in love with my picture but I found his letters on this site. Then this My Lovely Queen , I understand everything you just wrote to me and am assuring you that we will be together very soon so that we can know more about each other ,My Queen since you came into my life everything has been moving very fine for me and i thank the almighty God who made it possible for me to find you and i promise not to let you down no matter what happens, I'm sorry that i have not told you about this issue that lead to the death of my Father , My late father was a building engineer before he died and he was working with the ministry of works Malaysia and he died in service, so sad . Honey my father fell down from the condo building while they were working and since then i have been applying for the ministry of works to pay his gratuity which i am supposed to receive as the only surviving child and next of kin but since i started the process for the payment they didn't approve it ,Today is one of the best days of my life . Below is the approval letter of my late father's gratuity that i have been fighting to get since his death , today am happy it's a success and i thank God for bringing you to my life and i assure you that you must be a per-taker of this success , i will love you forever .Honey i love you so much and i thank you for your care and understanding and i promise you that i will take good care of you when we get married and i will invest this money with you so that we will have the investment as our family business.please my love i wish to ask you for a favor regards to the content of the letter , I want you to help an ordinary lonely orphan like me to settle the financial issue in the letter and i promise to give you 10% of the total amount ,after all the money will be in your custody before i arrive to your country ,anyway i trust you so much and i want the best for us . Its 8:57 PM over here so i need to be at my duty post.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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