Scam report about Scott Morgan


First name:  Scott
Last name:  Morgan
Age:  56
Location:  Netherlands, China, Burlington Vermont United States
On websites:  Hangout
Report:  States he?s a marine engineer widow lost his wife and son in a car accident. Has a son Terry 23 lives in London going to school there. Claims he has a house in Burlington Vermont USA He claims he loves you it love at first site and ask you to marry him right away. He will ask you to send money to UK so he can get his brief case with large sum of money and documents. When you won?t send the money she will send you an email stating he made you power of attorney and have a check sent to you for large amount of money when you deposit the money he wants you to withdraw it and send it to a fake company. I left the money in my account until I was sure it was cleared per advised by the bank manager the check came back not a real check. Scott claims he can?t come back to the USA until he files documents with his company he works for and now wants me to send 1000 so the briefcase can be delivered to me and he will be home 12 days after that. He has done nothing but lie. He will talk on hangout but won?t ever video chat States he doesn?t have a web cam on his work computer on the ship. His email is

Status of report:  is still without proof

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