Scam report about Raymond Chandler


First name:  Raymond
Last name:  Chandler
Aka:  Patrick, Douglas
Age:  60
Location:  Kabul Afgainstaian
On websites:  unknow
Report:  I was scammed of thousands of dollars by this person . he started sweet talking me into marring him then he told me he was station in Kabul but that he was going to be deployed to Syria and he didn't wanted to go the General told him to asked me to e-mail the military leave for an emerencey leave. But when they send me the papers they wanted 990.00 dollars for the emercencey leave so I send it .Them they wanted me also to pay for the flight 1750.00 so I send all that money but the day he was to supposed to arrived at the airport he never arrived. I hope there is something they can do to stop this scammers I know I lost that money but I wouusald like if or they get caught thank You so much,

Status of report:  is still without proof

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