Scam report about Fiagbe 


First name:  Fiagbe
Age:  unknown
Location:  Ghana
On websites:  Hangout & E-Mail
Report:  This man named only by Fiagbe contacted me on Hangout! First all he did was say. When I said hi & asked his name that is when he said his name where he was from & where he was at that moment. He said he lives in Canada but was in Ghana right now for business! After a bit he said his dad was from the Ivory cost & his mom was Canadian! His parents went to the Ivory cost & they died there. He was in Ghana to settle his parents things. They had gold when they died & he was over there to pick it up but where his parents had it kept the place wanted a fee for him to collect the gold. He said the fee to keep the gold there had not been paid since his parents died in 2000. Then he told me that he gave them proof that his parents stored the gold there & he was the one to inherit the gold. He said once he paid the fee they would give him the gold & papers so he could leave the country with the gold.He told me the charges for the time it was stored comes to 6,820.00 He so far has not asked me for money.He wanted to give me the person he is dealing with's E-Mail address so I could talk to him about the gold & the fee. He even said if he could pay the bill he could leave there sooner! All he talks about is the bill he has to pay on his parents gold that they stored.He calls taking care of his parents estate, business! The way he talks it sounds more like he is dealing with the mob then a storage place that his parents had the gold. Another thing is when I asked how he got my E-Mail he said he got it on Inter-Chat & he tried to act like he was dumb. He asked for my E-Mail & I told him it is at the top of the Hang-out page. He kept saying he couldn't see what I was saying. In all the Then a number of times he tried to video chat me but after I would answer he would disconnect. He said more then once that he didn't have a camera on his laptop so I wouldn't be able to see him. When I told him that all laptops come with cameras, & you can't video chat with out one, he didn't know what to say so he kept to his story! Plus with the technology we have today that we can look anything up fix our spelling & grammar, he writs English very bad. From the way he talks you can tell he is someone that is after money & will be asking for a lot of money. I have asked him for his last name, where he lives in Canada but he never answers, he just talks about what ever else I asked or asks a question back.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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