Scam report about Chris Vince


First name:  Chris
Last name:  Vince
Aka:  Nick Benson
Age:  60
Location:  Schinnen, The Netherlands
Phone:  +1 (770) 572-9154
On websites:  WhatsApp / Tinder
Report:  First contact was on Tinder approximately December 5. Unfortunately I miss the first messages, probably because he has deleted his profile on Tinder. December 9 we started chatting on Whatsapp. He called me once, just after we started on Whatsapp. He said he wanted to verify that I am not a scammer? He never called again. He told me his name is Chris Vince, he is a sgt. in US Army, located in Schinnen, The Netherlands. He will retire in 2018 and is looking for a new relationship. His wife died 5 years ago, he has a daughter and a granddaughter who are living in USA. He told me he had to fly to Syria with a private military yet. There was an important meeting. Awards and contracts would be given to the best soldiers he told me. He was very excited about it and happy that he was given a contract. He had to fly to Dubai on December 25 to get everything settled. On 27th December he starts talking about problems with his ticket, with payments, with demurrage fees etcetera. I decided to help him out for his ticket and did send money through Moneygram. I paid 1100 euro to Surname: KURSKAYA Name: ALINA City: Kharkov Country: Ukraine. He told me this was his agent for years now, handling his flights all over the world. He was in a hurry so I did what he asked for. When I studied later what was send to me, there were some things that didn?t look right (flight number, name on ticket). So I?m very sorry now that I helped him. After that he didn?t stop asking for more. All the time he pointed to me that I cause him delays? January 1 was the last time I heard from him.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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