Scam report about John Upton


First name:  John
Last name:  Upton
Age:  38, 12/28
Location:  Ondo, Nigeria
Address:  Oregon, West Virginia and independence Kansas
On websites:  Meet
Report:  John contacted me on saying his name was Michael, and he was military and deployed in Nigeria there on a peace mission. He said he needed money because he didn't have access to his money over there, so I questioned him since most banks have online access. If you can get online to talk to me then you can get access to your bank. By this time we were communicating on kik. He not only asked me to send him money, he tried to get me to send it to 2 different people who could cash it for him in Nigeria and then give him the money. One of the people was Alabi Kabirat, when I refused to give him the money he turned on me and quit communicating with me.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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