Scam report about Micheal Porter


First name:  Micheal
Last name:  Porter
Aka:  Mellow Carter, Micheal J. Porter, Micheal Stephen Porter, Micheal Porter Brooks
Age:  48
Location:  From Los Angela's,California,USA Kuwait on deployment
Phone:  (901)471-1809
Email:  Micheal J Micheal Porter on Hang out
On websites:  Intstagram has multiple sites there
Report:  He befriended me under Micheal Porter on Instragram. Went and typed his name in the search area on the site and multiple accounts popped up with his pictures. Then he tried to befriend me with Mellow Carter and I noticed that they were some of the same pictures as Micheal Porter. But on Hang out he told me his wife died and he has a 4 year old daughter that lives with his mom while he is gone on duty. Then ask me to help him by giving my bank account name and the name of my bank I gave him the excuse of that my account was on lock down and I can't access it. The he had the nerve to ask what name was on my daughter's SSI card. I would not give it to him. He said his mom was needing money for food at Christmas and that he needed to get home badly.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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