Scam report about Micheal Gray Lee


First name:  Micheal Gray
Last name:  Lee
Aka:  Mike
Age:  54
Location:  Coconut Grove, FL, Dallas, TX, DuBai, Ankara, Turkey, Madrid, Spain, Nassau
Address:  2348 Parsonage Woods Lane, Mt. Pleasant, SC; 3272 Virginia Street NE, Coconut Grove, FL
Phone:  786-607-9592
On websites:  POF
Report:  Romance scam- supposedly got a development contract in Ankara, Turkey then passport, wallet, credit cards stolen. Gets out of Turkey thru Embassy to Dubai. But owed labor funds in Turkey. Had to pay off Turkey to use temp Visa. Supposedly winds up in Madrid, Spain. Priduced phoney flight tickets, hotel bills, and even logged into his suppossed swiss account he couldn?t access without ID that showed $15m + in it to supposedly pay me back. Produces new airline tickets from Spain to DC then I get a call that he collasped in airport & was goung into surgery for heart attach. Suppose to have had stints put in. Then needed mire cas to pay hospital. I finally wised up $10k later that I put on credit cards. Oh & he was religious & his pastor who was doing a mission in Nigeria was helping raise funds the whole while.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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