Scam report about Craig Adams


First name:  Craig
Last name:  Adams
Age:  49
Location:  Louisville Emeryville Fremont Concord Fresno Dearborn Illinois Virginia Portsmouth
Phone:  925-408-3215
On websites:  OkCupid match Adult Friend Finder hook up Plenty of Fish
Report:  This weird storms all dating sites for foldable ribbon with money he has climbed many women out of the homes the cars he has even continent out of money for charter boat business in he doesn't own any property in any state or has he ever. His not won the lotto he does not have any money. The boats he claims he has owned in the past or bought by an ex girlfriend and ex business partner he scammed money from but never has he owned any on his own. He will tell you he Inherited property from his aunt why he has not family. There are several restraining orders out on him in Illinois. California has several suits that were filed against him. He has been prosecuted for writing bad checks in Illinois and has been prison time. Is a hacker so very good. He has talked to any websites to obtain your identity. He is currently married to a woman in Concord California named Lori. Several years ago he worked at Hewlett-Packard and his girlfriend at that time went missing and still has not been found. He works for the ports for a company called crane Tech Solutions. His last known address was in Portsmouth Virginia but he does travel back and forth through California and Hawaii quite often. She is 49 years old chubby bald with a big scar on his stomach. He has brown eyes and his two. She has a dog named Max who is a little Yorkie and he's into expensive cars like Beamers Porsches and Corvettes which he has not paid for himself. Katie borrowed money from me and never paid me back he also had two cars repossessed while he was dating me as well date my car away in some Khan without my knowledge. This one is a narcissist he has no feelings for anybody and he does not care who he hurts.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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