Scam report about John Cater


First name:  John
Last name:  Cater
Aka:  James Chandler
Age:  60
Location:  Cape Town, Canada
Phone:  0846727546
On websites:  Tinder
Report:  We matched on Tinder on 11/10/2017. He wrote to me first. After chatting for a while, he asked for my cell number and email address. He asked me to delete my profile immediately as he wanted us to concentrate on our relationship. He would phone me about 3 times a day. I started getting suspicious when he said that he wanted to buy a house close to me and then gave a location in Bloemfontein for a house - this is extremely far from Cape Town. He claims to be Canadian and lives in Century City in Cape Town. His wife was killed in a car accident 8 years ago. His occupation is architect/construction. I did a reverse search on the photo and found it with another name. When I questioned him about it he was furious and said how dare I not trust him. I soon ended all contact after that.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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