Scam report about Kim Bevan


First name:  Kim
Last name:  Bevan
Aka:  Daniel Mensah
Age:  60
Location:  Afghanistan, Syria, unknown in USA
Phone:  323-987-5237
On websites:
Report:  Initial contact through in Oct. 2016, showing he was from San Francisco. After contact, he said he was from So. Calif. and had a Los Angeles cell number. Upon further contact, he advised he was stationed in Afghanistan on a peacekeeping mission with the UN and would be retiring the end of 2016. After 5 months of conversing through Yahoo Messenger, he asked for money for his return home and airline passage. Countless orders of clothing, shoes, cologne, etc. were mailed to me for ?friends in the military,? which I was instructed to pack and send to an address in New York, so they could be couriered overseas to Afghanistan. A substantial amount of money was needed to get a $350,000 bonus from the UN through Diamond Bank/UK and the IMF. In the Summer of 2016, he ordered iPhones through my Verizon account and had them delivered to me. He intentionally paid my Sept. phone bill of $2,300+ for which I was never reimbursed and overdrew my checking account. The ordering of phones continued and now over $3,000 is owed for phones that have already been sent to New York. He was very evasive and would not answer a lot of questions, get mad/make accusations of stalking him or simply avoid the questions altogether. We never talked on the phone, and texting and Yahoo Messenger was the only way he could be contacted, sometimes not at all. Contact ceased when I advised no more phones were able to be purchased through my Verizon account.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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