Scam report about Lucas Jonas


First name:  Lucas
Last name:  Jonas
Age:  65
Location:  San Fransico, Oakland, California USA
Phone:  831-612-2095
On websites:  Instagram
Report:  Lucas first contacted me on Instagram. We struck up a friendship on there messaging each other ever day. He seemed like a sweet man. He said he was a widow. He claimed to work in the oil industry. After texting him for several weeks he said that he had to leave the country and go to Edinburgh, Scotland to do one last job on an oil rig in the North Sea. When he flew to Edinburgh he asked me to go on Kik because that is one of the sites he would be able to use while he is on the rig. He sent me a video of him landing on the rig and the helicopter he took to it. He said that he would be on the rig for a three week job. Lucas said that he couldn't use his cell phone while on the rig so he said that he had to use the rigs old computers to text me. While on the rig he said that he logged into his bank but because he was using an unknown computer he got shut out of his bank account. And before I knew it, he said that there was a fire on the rig and he had to purchase a new part. And I feel for it. He even sent a picture of the fire. So he asked if I would send a Money-gram to a man in Europe to pay for the part. And I did. Then he said he forgot to include the price of the shipping could I please send an Money-gram and I did. There were a few more request for Money-grams to pay for other things. So I ended up sending money to a person in California and in Glasgow, Scotland. He said because of the fire, the job was behind and when it was finally completed, he had to stay behind to clean up and make sure all of the equipment was in working order. He finally left the rig and the next day he was at the airport, ready to check in when he was arrested because he failed to pay a tax. He emailed me a copy of the letter from the tax department saying he owed $32,000 in taxes. And he couldn't get into his bank account. I didn't have that much to give him and he had to stay there and get a lawyer. That went on for a long time, going to court and finally the court said that he could pay for less then half of what they were asking for. So I helped him out with that. And then he needed money to fly back to California. On his way to print out his airplane ticket, he was in an accident and broke his leg. He was in the hospital for over a month. He supposedly had two plane tickets that he couldn't use and didn't get any money back from. I should have paid attention to all of what I was willing to do for him. He wanted to get married when he came back to the US. He promised to pay me back with all of the money I sent to him. He had me sending money to a number of different people. Because he wasn't a resident of Scotland he didn't have a bank account so he couldn't receive money that I sent through my bank, I had to send it to three different men who lived there. I can't believe that I fell for all of this.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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