Scam report about Phillip Clifford


First name:  Phillip
Last name:  Clifford
Aka:  picutres same as Stanley Young (on here)
Age:  56
Location:  Accra, Ghana
Phone:  011-811-204-8480
Email:  Don't have.
On websites:  Facebook
Report:  He contacted me, wanted to be friends, thought what the hell, on Facebook rather liked him and enjoyed chatting, asked me to load Viber to chat, had problems and asked to load Chat. Been corresponding over 2 yrs. first from Afghanistan, was coming to meet me; then from Accra where he was supposedly arrested as he had no papers for the gold. Ended up in jail (?) asked for money to pay legal fees and always different amounts. Money was always sent first to someone in Accra, a woman who befriended him in jail and wanted to help (?) Later a lawyer got him out (?) with money I had sent $2,000 almost every month which I really couldn't afford. Later money was sent to a Unuraye Uvie Tobore in Nigeria he he would transfer to Phillip. Wonder sometimes and asked why he could access his money, as he said had in the states but said he couldn't under the circumstances, foreign country etc. Always promising to come buy house to live with me here. Always something else taking the money and requiring more; more legal fees, eye problems, in hospital, medical bills and the list goes on. Was sent through Money Gram until they refused, some sent by Western Union at one of there outlets and later through the Scotiabank. I often said believed nothing but a scam, but he always said no and talked me out of it. Found these pictures here today after he asked for $550., last requests was for $2000, $300 in I-tune gift cards but can be used in Canada, and today $550. prior to me finding these pictures on here

Status of report:  is still without proof

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