Scam report about Carlos Moss


First name:  Carlos
Last name:  Moss
Age:  55
Location:  Ghana accar
On websites:  Dating
Report:  He posses under name of perrysmiles17 he even has a pic of some one else he slipped under the raider on the dating web site he doesn't stay long on web site he found me and conned me in to go on Skype he comes up as after about 3weeks talking to him evey day alarm bell started ringing he won't do video chat hahah wonder why he doesn't call he just text so I did some home work on male scammers and found him his name is Carlos moss he is 55 from Ghana acaar he must be stopped and one of his alias name is perry lawson but with different number a different email but it's him alright when I put him under pressure about video calling me he has stopped sending messages haven't heard from him in 24 hours now as before there he was every day and night for about 3 weeks now he is extemly convincing very good at it stop him and others like him

Status of report:  is still without proof

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