Scam report about Thomas 


First name:  Thomas
Age:  said he was 62
Location:  Key West, Florida, USA
Email:  I don't know
On websites:  on Zoosk, OurTime
Report:  I met him on Zoosk , He said he was from Florida. He asked me to send his daughter money in New Zealand. Thats where he said he was from originally. Said he was an engineer and going to Russia to do his last job then retire. He had a crisis, his aged mother was rushed from the nursing home to hospital with a heart attack. He said he was driving 100 miles per hour and the police stopped him and let him go on the hospital. He forgot his wallet and had no ID or drivers license, and he was not an American citizen. I am so sure the police would not let him go on his way! He kept sending me love songs and tried to really suck me in to his scam. Wanted me to send his daughter itunes cards for $300 at school in New Zealand, being raised by his aunt, a nun at the boarding school. A real nut job.He took his picture on the bed that had restraints on it. Creepy.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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