Scam report about Kennedy Owens


First name:  Kennedy
Last name:  Owens
Age:  64
Location:  Italy
Phone:  +393806858363 or 5136664114
On websites:  Tinder and possibly other dating apps
Report:  States he is from Miami Florida. JPoses as a orthopedic surgeon in the army stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan. Using fake pictures of a man from Istanbul, Turkey. He is very charming and suave. We met via Tinder and began chatting several months ago. He first ask me for $200.00 to pay for his online services. After a couple of months passed he began saying he was getting ready to retire and he wanted to come out on early retirement. He told me he had sent me two parcels through the Red Cross and a dispatcher by the name of Johnson Peters would be delivering the parcels to my home. He said he had transferred these parcels over to me. I was upset. He did this without telling me. Afterward, I received a call from this dispatcher along with copies of documents from the UK showing transfer of ownership. Showed I would have to pay $7500.00 before delivery could be made. I refused. I told him the parcels were not mine and I had no intention of paying these fees. After a few weeks he ask me if I would help him pay administrative fees so someone could send the money. He had gotten a loan from a legitimate company in Atlanta, Georgia. He sent me a copy of a cashiers check that he was forwarding to a agent for the Red Cross. He was constantly updating me on the status of the packages. Then I received a text from this Johnson Peters telling me he was at the airport in Huntsville Alabama with the parcels and import tax and duties had to be paid in the amount of $3500.00. If it wasn?t paid I would be in trouble. The parcels would be confiscated. So I paid the fees. And then the parcels were sent through security check and were confiscated because they contained gold and currency. What????? He told me that over $15000.00 had to be paid for paperwork clearance for the parcels. He said he could get the needed documents but it would cost. I flipped out. Kennedy appeared very upset as well. After a huge argument over the fact I had sent $3500.00 and was not sending anymore money he refused to talk to me again. He likes chatting on WhatsApp. He sends flowers and gifts initially. He calls over WhatsApp and sends voice messages a lot. This man is a scammer in a big way. I have reported him to authorities.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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