Scam report about Matiland Owen


First name:  Matiland
Last name:  Owen
Aka:  Scott menchan
Age:  54
Location:  United States
Address:  2505 San Ramon Valley, blvd San Ramon, CA
Phone:  925-718-9142
Email:  Unknown
On websites:  Facebook, Messenger
Report:  I started to get flagged warnings about him, he wants me to send $200.00 to his he say is his house keeper Rebecca Ryan To this address 2476 queen west palm beach Florida, 33417. First he wanted $1,700 then he to$350.00 , finally he said $200.00. I haven?t sent the money yet. There is something wrong here he says he is works for chevron oil rig and he is supposed to be a project manager refinery and he said he is out in the ocean now doing a project for chevron oil rig know,all of sundered he asking for money cause his mom needs surgery over in irland, he said he can?t transfer money to irland cause he said the the network is poor on the ocean. Only thing is I can here him clear on his phone. When I seen the picture of this Scott me Menchan looks likes this Matiland Owen, he says he?s a widower and has a daughter named Anna that lives with his mother over in irland, he said he is originaly from temple bar, irland. I just don?t think he is who says he please check him for me, I ?m not going to send this woman who he says is his housekeeper that is supposedly visiting her family. Please send an email when you find out if he this scammer I seen in the picture you have a in the scammers on your scammer page.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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