Scam report about Patrick Rawlings


First name:  Patrick
Last name:  Rawlings
Age:  28
Location:  USA, Texas
On websites:  Americans Wanna Date,
Report:  Patrick initially contacted me Sept. 1st on Messenger through a site that was originally called Facebook Dating and is now called Americans Wanna Date.He told me that he was interested in older women because he'd been burned too may times from women his age. He also said age and distance didn't matter to him, he was a lieutenant 2nd class stationed at Fort Hood, Texas, and that his ex left him with a two year old daughter (now six) who is living with his mother in Warren, Michigan. He also said he moved to the US with his mother from Hanover, Germany 11 years ago when she divorced his father. At first things were great, however I found it very weird that we were unable to FaceChat. He said it was because his phone didn't work well and his laptop screen was cracked. He started sweet talking me, making me feel he was very interested. Then I happened to be on Facebook Dating and saw he was calling older women beautiful and asking them to add him. I confronted him and at first he was angry but then asked me to forgive him and he'd delete his profile. I said he could talk to all the women he wanted but if he wanted a relationship that's not the way to go. After while I said I needed more than just talking on Messenger. So he said he'd borrow a friend's phone and call me on Messenger. We talked about four times and he has a very thick German accent. He kept telling me he would come and visit me - first by end of Sept., then he said he'd join me on a vacation I was going on in Oct., then he was going to see me on my birthday in Nov. When it looked as though that wasn't going to happen I said we were done and he said he could visit me if I sent him $400 for the travel. He had previously told me that someone ripped off all the money in his bank account and the bank wouldn't replace it because they said it was his fault it happened. Red Flag! I freaked out on him when he asked for money and said that someone tried that with me before, which he already knew. Finally he was going to come and stay with me just after Christmas. Yesterday I got a message from him telling me his daughter was very sick and needed an operation. I initially thought this was his way of backing out of seeing me. However, this morning he asked me to send him $500 towards the operation. I told him goodbye and he got very defensive, trying to guilt trip me. We exchanged words. He messaged me later today begging me to help save his daughter's life. I sent him a link to the army's medical plan that covers family members and said never to contact me again. That's if he has a daughter, let alone one who's so sick. I feel this guy cruises for older women online, asks them to add him and he grooms them by sweet talk. He was never inappropriate, and he claimed to be deeply in love with me. I have his pictures and messages as well. He has two Facebook profiles, one under Rawlings Pat and another created in August called Patrick Rawlings

Status of report:  is still without proof

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