Scam report about Harrison Ethan


First name:  Harrison
Last name:  Ethan
Age:  52
Location:  Manchester UK
Address:  Unit 1, 1a Margot Street
Phone:  468474286
On websites:  Instagram
Report:  This guy asked if he could follow me....initially I said no, but he insisted, he sent me messages saying he is a Senior at Exxon Mobil Oil in Manchester UK. He wrote he is a widower and has a young son. As a Senior professional his grammar was terrible so on the third day I rang Exxon and asked to speak to him - but of course they had never heard of him, the operator searched all their sites and nothing, so later that night he sent me a message and I told him that he's a liar and doesn't work for Exxon and at first he sounded angry then when I wrote that he is a scammer and I will report him, I heard nothing more from him. He did want to chat on chat head, but I said no, he did give me a gmail account but I blocked him and now I can't find it.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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