Scam report about Martti Frode


First name:  Martti
Last name:  Frode
Aka:  Mark Anthony
Age:  53
Location:  Canada, Markham
Phone:  1-769-287-5545 & 1-289-769-5203
Email: &
On websites:  UTube & Linkedin
Report:  He claimed to have moved here from England and was Norwegian by birth. We made a date to meet and the day before he texted to say he had to leave the next day for the Southern U.S. for an interview for a job. He claimed to be a Marine Engineer and advised me that he got the job but had to start immediately and would be gone for two weeks. The two weeks stretched into three, then he needed to borrow in excess of $100,000, so he could get the job done and get back to Canada. I told him I couldn't help him.....he was angry and accused me of letting him down and the job was paying him in excess of $4,000,000 if he could complete it in a month, then he would return and continue the relationship. he even sent me a copy of his contract, allegedly signed by a huge off-shore drilling company in Mississippi. Approx. one month later I received a text (exactly as one he sent early in our relationship...word for word) I responded by asking who the sender was and he said 'Martti' so obviously he sent it to me by was meant for his latest victim. When I checked this web-site I saw his picture.....Thank you are doing a great service.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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