Scam report about John Robert


First name:  John
Last name:  Robert
Aka:  Daniel Anthoney, Mark Williams,Goes by multiple names.David Miller
Age:  59 Sept 7, 1960
Location:  Lagos, Nigeria, Atlanta, GA, Nova Scotia, Germany
Phone:  678-631-6782
Report:  Still grieving the loss of my husband, I was contacted by John saying he knew me. I thought he was a patient and talked to him. He was depressed and wanted someone to talk to then contacted me often, before long, God sent him to be with me.and he thought we were a good match. I wasn't looking for a husband but he soon was in love with me and wanted to marry me. Then he sent me photos of a nice looking man which I googled and found out it was a photo of a motivational speaker. He said he sent it to me because he was afraid I wouldn't talk to hiim. Then he sent me the photo of another man and I couldn't find anything on him for over 3 years and they were stolen. He had all kinds of accidents and his mother needed surgery and his daughter overdosed .after I had helped him with her spending money, then her nanny. For a 15 year old girl. His daughter never aged. He asked for thousands and each time he was coming to be with me, had me looking for home for us and I priced homes in two different cities. He wanted to spend a million dollars on each of them The house had to have 5 bedrooms and had to be brick. He kept borrowing money and soon I had depleted a brokerage account and all of my savings. he wanted me to sell my jewelery because he would buy better when he got here. Never arrived. Never repaid me a nickel. Kept asking for little bits of money. Funds sent by walmart to walmart, western unioon, moneygram ria, and bank wired funds. Never to him but to California, Ohio, Michigan, Florida, even Hong kong and Hawaii and texas. Kept telling me he ws Jewish and I found the photo that he had snt me along with the photo of his daughter were also stolen from another man on FB, When I confronted him, he said he didn't want me to see the real him. Then sent me photos of a white haired man with a bit of a stomach, but nice looking. All of the photos looked posed but I wass in love. Then I started checking by googling the photos. Nothing showed up but when they did he was on Pigbusters and on multiple dating sites going by different names. He insisted his photos had been stolen and he was going to straighten it all out when he arrived here before Thanksgiving. He had expenses to pay and couldn't make it and I didn't have the funds to help himI have sent him airfare so often and told him I could no longer help him with the airfare. Then gave in and loaned him 400. in itunes gift cards. Last night he convinced me to loan him 50. dollars for his internet so we could keep talking. I said 50 and he would say he needed 100. But this time, I sent him the 50 only. I asked him to let me know when he got the funds. He never returned. He has borrowed close to 450,000. from me and has remove his e-mail on yahoo messenger. I have been in contact with him for over 4 years because he kept promising to return my funds. I have blocked him and am very sad and upset because he kept me from getting out and being with other people. I'm 77 years of age and thought I had met a wonderful man but his English got worse and he started getting angry at me and calling me names. Said he would block me but never did until today. He was supposed to be an oil engineer and had been all over. I was stupid to believe him but I had never been around people who lied constantly.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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