Scam report about Alex Menno


First name:  Alex
Last name:  Menno
Age:  58
Location:  Sali Lake City, Utah, Glasgow, Scotland
Phone:  385-212-4436
On websites:  Plenty of Fish
Report:  This man contacted me on Plenty of Fish website. He quickly talked me into going off POF and deleting our profiles because we wanted to be a couple. He sent me several well written letters, which I have now found to be plagarized material. We began talking on November 5th, and our last conversation was Dec. 6th. He claimed to be a veterinarian working in Salt Lake City, but was returning to Scotland within 2 weeks. I asked him for photos and he obliged me. Before he went back to Scotland, he asked me to marry him, but he didnt want me to come out to Utah to meet him before he left to go to Scotland. He said he could sell his home and we could use the money here in the states. He asked me for $20,000.00 to help him make renovations to his house so he could get more money for it when he sold it. He stated he would repay me the money. Then he wanted $25,000.00, which I let him have. Later he showed me a paper that stated he sold the house for almost a million american dollars. The logo on the paper was from a realty company that was now defunct, and the phone number was bad. He then began asking me for more money, another $25,000.00, which I told him no. Then he badgered me so much I relented and said yes. And then he asked me for $30,000.00. I told him no, no way I was giving him every cent I had. At that point, he began talking to me in an accusing, sarcastic manner, and I broke up with him. He told me he would still send me back my $25,000.00, but yes, I am still waiting for that. I have reported him to the FBI, and the Federal Trade Commission. I will probably never get over this financial loss, and also I am still in love with him. This is what hurts the most. The letter he used to get me hooked (1st one) was almost a carbon copy of other emails that have been used in other scams. I found this out by using a website called Grammerly.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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