Scam report about Jean-Pierre Menoret


First name:  Jean-Pierre
Last name:  Menoret
Age:  43
Location:  Dunkerque and Paris in France, Abidjan in Ivory Coast
On websites:
Report:  Jean-Pierre send me a message at datingsite Meetic/Lexa. He claimed to have an appartement in Dunkerque and in Paris because he works for an import/export company in Paris. His mother lives in Brasil, his father died when he was 8 years old, he has no friends because of his ex-wife. He wanted to have contact by Skype. He first wanted to know me better by chatting because he didn?t want to invest time if it doesn?t work together. After 2,5 weeks we had planned a meeting in Dunkerque. 2 days before he cancelled it because he had to go to Ivorycoast. His father left there an ocean ship before he died. ( The meeting was on Sunday so what should he do at a Sunday in Paris for his trip??). After a week he had a visa and his money and he left to Ivory Coast. He send me a photo of his ID card because I told him I didn?t trust him. He wanted to prove he was real and in love with me. He lost his mobile at the AirPort so he could not send me a message. In Ivory Coast he went to an internetcafe to have contact (but he als made pictures and send them to me without a phone or camera?). Now the ship was 5 years in Ivory Coast but his father died 35 years ago, I didn?t trust it. After one week there he missed me and wanted to come back home but he had to buy a certificate and his bank account was blocked. He asked me for ?2500,00. I could transfer it with Western Union to Jean-Pierre Menoret in Abidjan. I told him to transfer ?500,00. After the transfer he immediately asked me the MTSC code which I had not because the transfer didn?t succeed because WU didn?t trust it. He send me a picture of his bankaccount with ?1,2 miljon so he could pay me back. He told me to transfer it to Jean-Pierre Menoret in France and a friend of him could transfer it to him. I told him I would do but I didn?t because I knew for sure he was fake. Some days he wrote his chats in French, other days in good English and Some days in bad English. When he didn?t get the money he became ruse and angry and left the chat.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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