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birgit kaindlstorfer | 3/27/2015 | 22:02


i would like to get in contact to catherine (UK) who was scammed by ross nelson alias dean freeman as well....




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post | 3/20/2015 | 00:05


wanted to help my best friend. But i could not find his name, photos or others here. I'm afraid she scammed by that man.




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Merryl | 3/19/2015 | 12:17


keep up the good work.


South Africa


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Claire brown | 3/14/2015 | 18:18


I truly enjoy male-scammers. Com


United States


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Anna Tandy | 3/1/2015 | 02:44


I have been scammed by a Nigerian who lives in Malaysia. There are many of them who live there and pretend
No to be white males. I am not prepared to pay for this service, it should be free. I have lost £12.0000. We need to expose these bastards. I know a lot about how they work and who they are. Beware




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Ella | 2/23/2015 | 14:51






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Mara | 2/23/2015 | 10:06


I meet a men in sit and he said he born in Canada, his son studied in US,but only had e-mail . He work in London but since nonember 2014 he was in Malesya to by construction for materials. He never appear in skype, only me, he talk in phonr whwn i call , on viber or e-mail. He show he had much money but in malesia he beggining to need money to complet the money was needed to buy materials , to pay bills in hotel , to eat.But the photos of him in hotel is five stars. Big pool, flowers, nature. And he only talk to me in same hour. Many asks dont responds.
When i coulndnt send money he said rude and angry. Many times he dont remember wat im wrote, and he changed he humor depended of situation. really i lost money , my reaserh in university and much more. Now im deoress , no dignity, and dont accept i can find nothing about him.
But when i said to him evething finish i received 9 asking for accept mans in skype, and all fake.




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marina | 2/23/2015 | 03:37


Dear ladies I have just used the photo search with my own photo and found out it is used to scam people so please please be careful when you are sending a photo I have never scammed any one nor ever would with the different media website out there we have to very careful
Thank you


United Kingdom


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marina | 2/18/2015 | 17:12


I have been talking with a guy I meet on badoo we seam to get on very well he told me he is in th army stationed in Afghanistan and due to retire very soon arranged to come here to meet me I later found your site and found he''s is a scam he was talking to with the name James Mosqueda but your photo on here shows him as Lucas James ladies please be careful he smooth talks you but to day he slipped up big time when the letter he sent me not only had my name at the beginning but was also signed with love from Marina I am not that lonely to send email to myself so please do not send anything to him he always starts of very polite and calls you my dear princess or queen


Great Britain


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Kimberlie Prothro | 2/18/2015 | 12:18


I need to report a scammer that I see others have been taken by


United States



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