The following options are available for you to become a Free Gold Member. You can use any of them or all together - there are no restrictions.
Place report about a male scammer
For every report that you submit along with corresponding photos, letters, and other proof that is approved by our administrators, you'll become Free Gold member for 1 months. The report must be confirmed with photos and letters of a reported scammer.
If you have media (audio, video) files of the scammer and send them to us to confirm your report, we will add 3 months of free registration for each media file.
If you have fake documents of the scammer and send them to us to confirm your report, we add 1 month of free registration for each fake document we use.
For example: if you submit a report, confirm it with photos and letters, send us 1 media file (video or audio), and send us 2 fake documents (UK pass and USA visa)::
Duration of free registration for this report:
Confirmed (with photos and letters) report - 1 month
1 media file - 3 months
2 fake documents - 2 months
You'll receive a total of 6 months Free Gold Membership!
Note: Upgrading to Free Gold Membership will take place only after your report has been checked and approved by the administrators of our site and added to our database.