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    Sarah Guest

    Default Do I go to the police or the bank?

    I was in contact with a man about 2 years ago and sent him money. Then about a year ago he was supposedly killed in auto accident. Then he was 'resurrected' about 5 months ago was very sick, wanted money, needed surgery, and so on. I have not sent any. He then supposedly went to South Africa for surgery and has had a colleague in Saudi Arabia send me a cashiers check for 9500$ so I could cash it and send him money to get back to the U.S. I got two checks each for the $9500. Do I go to the police or the bank. I have no intention of cashing them or sending him money.

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    kavpop Guest


    DO NOT TOUCH the money. They want you to launder it for them. Go to the police. They will sort him out


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